Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Free Fall


Prologue: It was an exhausting day started at 2:35 in the night and it had almost been a twenty four hour tear! Jay had barely enough in him to make it through the day or so he thought, as he hit the sack to call it a day!  Favourite music in ears, favourite book in hand, that was his way to turn off - Pg 59 of the translated version of "Parthibhan Kanavu", and eyes lazily rolled over to Page 60  …

"He was standing on the precipice of a cliff, wind in his hair, tear in his eyes, flowing to the command to the breeze. His whole life had been a lie! It was going all so perfect! He had met the women of his dreams; against his wildest expectation; it was she who had come forward with her love - and all he could manage was a dazed nod! But they had blown hot and cold! It is but a mystery, why two people who were tailor-made for the other could find it so hard to remain together! They had not been together for two years now! May be it was the fear that if they were ever broke up again, the toll it would take on them would be something which they would find it impossible to recover from, despite the healer - Time. Or is Time the antagonist, eating away life, love and everything else!
He saw perched on a cliff at the other end, small mother with her infant. He could notice, that the mother was blind, unable to realise as the child moved towards the edge. The child was about to fall.. "Hey lady, your child, your child is about to fall off the cliff, stop it. Hey lady,...". The waters beneath roared thunderous melodies, putting out all other sound. He cried aloud, gestured wildly, to alert the lady, crying his eyes out unable to bear the thought of what was to follow, but it was too late "Hey......."!

Epilogue: He woke covered all in sweat!! The alarm clock kept beeping out loud, he turned it off. He shivered still as he opened his mobile to take his mind off the present. There was this one message from HER - "Hey HRU, was just thinking about you, about us J&K. Miss you so much. Can we meet sometime - Love Kay (sent at 2:30 AM)". As he typed back, he knew that she was the perfect foil to his life. He would complete her and she him. It was with her that he was the happiest. Plain reason would tell him that she belonged with him. Tear in his eyes, breeze in his hair he wrote, "Miss you more than you can imagine, why were we apart all this time, can i come over and meet you now?". The crying stopped and anger was quick to fill that void. But she was the one who moved away. And where was she all this while. Hadn't he heard that she was with another guy. How much that had hurt him? How much had she hurt him? His finger was just an inch from pressing that "Send" button. All he had to do was to press it and they would be back together.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Veiled star

The Veiled Star

Look out yonder window, is that a star we see in distant sky Veiled by passing cloud?

The star that bought us where we are , through eons far whence thoughts shroud

Stardust that dwells in you doth dwell in me, begets hope that we are one

And tis hope and hope we shall that though we tarry asunder through empty vales and distant lands where streets crowd

-Dedicated to the person who gave me my latest inspiration to write after a long time indeed